• Nothing available server side to alleviate slow donation speeds of Fractaline. DMG does not believe a hotfix will be spun up for this issue specifically. Will be sure to avoid this issue for future events. (Reddit)
  • About putting a Guardian in the Tribute Hall to test weapons for PVP purposes. Give your feedback here.

Thanks for the feedback! As with other feedback concerning Firing Range style requests, I'll be sure to note this on the list.

I can say at a glance, this may be a little more complex due to the way Guardians take damage, or other variables you may find in Gambit or the Crucible.

What resilience value? Are they in Super? Do you only wish to see damage numbers, or have a Guardian moving so you can see how difficult it would be to apply damage to a walking/running target? Should Power be enabled to replicate Gambit/Iron Banner, or simply a Guardian taking damage in normal Crucible?

To look at this from a development perspective as well, what is the problem you're trying to solve? Do you believe work should be dedicated to this over other sandbox balancing or features? Do you believe a large amount of players would use this feature, or would it primarily be for content creators? Can players snag a friend and do these tests quickly on their own, or just take a weapon into Crucible as damage isn't the only factor when judging newly acquired loot?

Apologies for running through the list. Just love asking questions to get a better understanding of player feedback.

  • The Mortar Blast fix touched a few instances, but the bug is still occurring frequently. Currently being investigated. (Reddit)
  • The team has been looking at Fusion Rifle feedback for a bit. We'll have an sandbox preview before March to discuss changes to a variety of areas. (Twitter)
  • Team is aware of the feedback and players would like to see Factions back. No updates at this moment. (Forums)
  • Team is looking to address issues with Symmetry in March. (Forums)
  • The team is looking into performance issues around the mod screen for a future update. (Forums)
  • Feedback about LFG has been heard (Forums)
    • Players continue to request In-game LFG for endgame activities
    • Players do not believe fireteam leaders should be able to remove members near the end of an activity if an LFG feature were to be implemented
    • Players would like to see idle-kick features, whether they be voting or other
    • Players would like to see a "rate this leader" feature for Find Fireteam, so they can report issues like this or rate their experience with a leader
    • "As always, I want it to be understood that this isn't a promise. The team is balancing various other items in development, but I'll see if LFG/Social style features could be given a higher priority on the backlog."