• The Altar of Sorrows Ghost has a 5% drop chance from the boss chest, and you should get it after 40 clears. There is one caveat - the bad luck protection on this is shared with the Dungeon ship. If you've recently had the ship drop, it would have reset your chances for the Ghost. (Reddit)
  • On Swords, see This Week At Bungie for context:
    • You will still need to acquire Heavy Ammo in order to use swords. (Twitter)
    • As Dylan understands it, the Speedrun community will need to find new ways to break the sound barrier next season due to the changes to Worldline Zero. "I understand this will come as a disappointment to some. Hopefully, this will bring new techniques and serve as a challenge to refresh previously established records."(Twitter) "I feel this change impacts all players, including the speedrun community. Like sticky nades, these strategies were growing in visibility and utility. Designing aspects of D2 around these strategies puts a hard limit on game design, whether it be activities or sword functionality." (Twitter)
    • Give feedback about how they should approach changes like these moving forward here.