• Some changes get missed in patch notes. Some aren't included if they aren't super impactful like minor icon or localization changes. If it's something with matchmaking or sandbox they will always call out changes. (Reddit)
  • On Resilience changes: "Spoke with the team and it looks like this was a side effect of the changes to make resilience affect class ability cool downs and resulted in a .5% difference in vitality for tiers 4-9. I am told that Thorn should have always required 6 resilience to survive 2 headshots and 1 body shot. We currently don't have plans to change resilience back to how it was before." (Reddit)
  • On Dead Cliffs: "We made some minor changes to the spawning of Dead Cliffs. You can read the full patch notes on what changes where made to the maps the returned here. Doesn't appear it was enough to prevent spawn trapping though. I'll put in a request to remove it from the Control playlist based on feedback here." (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Hunter invisibility overuse has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Feedback that the following is what players would like to see has been passed along (Reddit):
    • Vendor Resets
    • More Loot
    • Post game reward screens
    • Trials
    • Better Exotics
    • Extra RNG stats on drops.
    • Weekly vendor weapon roll refreshes. (Towards the end of D1, it was done as a "last hurrah")
    • Meaningful strike rewards. (Reddit)
  • They're aware of community's concerns with above topics and FOMO and Eververse and will continue to discuss it with the dev team. (Reddit)
    • Nothing to share about Eververse as of now. (Reddit) (2)
  • There is an issue with Skull of Dire Ahamkara ornament where it didn't show up in the store. They will add it back for Bright Dust in a future update. (Reddit)
  • Will let the team know that there is still interest in seeing the city made into a playable space in a future update. (Forums)
  • They understand and agree that the current introduction to Destiny 2 can be overwhelming for new players. They have a team working to expand it and finding ways to spend more time introducing players to Destiny's important concepts and features in the game. Nothing else to share at this time as the team is still working through this. (Reddit)
  • On the new Armor system as mentioned in This Week At Bungie: Armor will able to have 3 Seasons of mods used in its seasonal slot. The current season, the previous season, and the upcoming season. (Reddit)
  • Will pass along feedback that players would like to see Rocket Launchers changed in a future update. (Reddit)
  • Eva's oven should be removed in a future update. (Reddit)
  • Too many currencies is something they are looking at. No timeline yet on when changes are coming be they agree that there is a lot going on in your consumables tab. (Reddit)
  • They are looking into the issue where players can't redeem their Crimson Days emblem. (Reddit) 2 The deadline to redeem has been extended until tomorrow’s daily reset. Players need to already have the code to redeem it. (Twitter)
  • Will pass along feedback about adding a Freelance mode to Crimson Doubles. (Forums)
  • Will let the dev team know some players would still like the affinity system removed completely. (Forums)

I will let the dev team know you would still like the affinity system removed completely. For this change, we wanted to let players who pick up new items not get stuck with an affinity they didn't prefer and to also let players be able to change their current upgraded armor for a materials cost.

We made a bunch of changes to the Enhancement Core economy and it appeared to improve the system for a majority of players giving feedback around the community. Let me know if you disagree and I can pass your feedback along.

  • The dev team is looking at increasing the ways you can earn materials in the future. (Forums)


  • The team has been investigating the Thermal Vent Bug for a bit, and they're planning to address it in a future hotfix. No specific details. (Reddit)
  • Feedback thread about moving Telesto/Sleeper/Acrius/Skyburners catalysts to other activities can be found here
  • Feedback tweet about the Corridors of Time puzzle can be found here.

As a question, do you find the story of the community coming together to unlock a new, unique exotic early as a let down due to the time investment to do so? Is this because of the reward, or other? Would you have preferred expectations here, as opposed to mystery?

When creating the roadmap, we have the goal of setting expectations of value proposition, or “what’s the amount of content coming with the season pass?” This gives players the ability to justify the purchase compared to previous seasons.

The lack of having the exotic listed could lead to a discussion of lack of value. The lack of a roadmap could lead to a discussion of us “hiding” the season and not providing ample information for an informed purchase.

So, with those thoughts in mind- would you rather see a lack of expectations going in to a season, or more expectations set? It’s an interesting tightrope to walk, a challenging one even! But we’re always looking to improve as Destiny continues to grow.

  • Give thoughts about the mercy rule here.
  • Feedback that players aren't fond of lore going away has been noted. (Forums)
  • Nothing available server side to alleviate slow donation speeds of Fractaline. DMG does not believe a hotfix will be spun up for this issue specifically. Will be sure to avoid this issue for future events. (Reddit)
  • About putting a Guardian in the Tribute Hall to test weapons for PVP purposes. Give your feedback here.
  • Thanks for the feedback! As with other feedback concerning Firing Range style requests, I'll be sure to note this on the list.

    I can say at a glance, this may be a little more complex due to the way Guardians take damage, or other variables you may find in Gambit or the Crucible.

    What resilience value? Are they in Super? Do you only wish to see damage numbers, or have a Guardian moving so you can see how difficult it would be to apply damage to a walking/running target? Should Power be enabled to replicate Gambit/Iron Banner, or simply a Guardian taking damage in normal Crucible?

    To look at this from a development perspective as well, what is the problem you're trying to solve? Do you believe work should be dedicated to this over other sandbox balancing or features? Do you believe a large amount of players would use this feature, or would it primarily be for content creators? Can players snag a friend and do these tests quickly on their own, or just take a weapon into Crucible as damage isn't the only factor when judging newly acquired loot?

    Apologies for running through the list. Just love asking questions to get a better understanding of player feedback.

  • The Mortar Blast fix touched a few instances, but the bug is still occurring frequently. Currently being investigated. (Reddit)
  • The team has been looking at Fusion Rifle feedback for a bit. We'll have an sandbox preview before March to discuss changes to a variety of areas. (Twitter)
  • Team is aware of the feedback and players would like to see Factions back. No updates at this moment. (Forums)
  • Team is looking to address issues with Symmetry in March. (Forums)
  • The team is looking into performance issues around the mod screen for a future update. (Forums)
  • Feedback about LFG has been heard (Forums)
    • Players continue to request In-game LFG for endgame activities
    • Players do not believe fireteam leaders should be able to remove members near the end of an activity if an LFG feature were to be implemented
    • Players would like to see idle-kick features, whether they be voting or other
    • Players would like to see a "rate this leader" feature for Find Fireteam, so they can report issues like this or rate their experience with a leader
    • "As always, I want it to be understood that this isn't a promise. The team is balancing various other items in development, but I'll see if LFG/Social style features could be given a higher priority on the backlog."
  • The Altar of Sorrows Ghost has a 5% drop chance from the boss chest, and you should get it after 40 clears. There is one caveat - the bad luck protection on this is shared with the Dungeon ship. If you've recently had the ship drop, it would have reset your chances for the Ghost. (Reddit)
  • On Swords, see This Week At Bungie for context:
    • You will still need to acquire Heavy Ammo in order to use swords. (Twitter)
    • As Dylan understands it, the Speedrun community will need to find new ways to break the sound barrier next season due to the changes to Worldline Zero. "I understand this will come as a disappointment to some. Hopefully, this will bring new techniques and serve as a challenge to refresh previously established records."(Twitter) "I feel this change impacts all players, including the speedrun community. Like sticky nades, these strategies were growing in visibility and utility. Designing aspects of D2 around these strategies puts a hard limit on game design, whether it be activities or sword functionality." (Twitter)
    • Give feedback about how they should approach changes like these moving forward here.


  • On Bastion and the puzzle

A bit of confusion about everything that happened today, so I'm going to try to make things a bit clearer. :)

The plan was simple: release the puzzle in the second half of January, then release the quest for Bastion at the end of the month (on the 28th, as said on the roadmap). If the community was to solve the puzzle, Bastion would be released earlier than expected."

(Twitter, French)


  • D1 API issues with Stadia are being investigated. Additional difficulties have delayed a fix. (Reddit)