• Players should ensure they have enough space in their Consumables Inventory to receive their Trials Tokens. Trials Tokens cannot be stored in the Postmaster.


  • Will let the team know to take a look at Radar Booster decreasing radar range. (Reddit)
  • Missed patch note: Stronghold now maximizes sword defense stats, resulting in a high Defense guard that does not lose guard energy on taking hits or decay over time. The armor retains its existing healing functionality. (Reddit)
  • Feedback that bit rewards from the Seraph event should be increased has been forwarded. (Reddit)
  • They're investigating if Fighting Lion was nerfed. (Reddit) 2
    • Same for Mountaintop. No intentional changes were made. Send over videos if you have them. (Reddit)
  • They're looking into the bug with Raiju's Harness, and if it's a weird edge case. (Reddit)
  • Will let the team know that players would like to see Valor win streak (and other favorites) stat tracker back. (Reddit)
  • The overwhelming majority of players (around 90%) are under 980 right now. (Twitter)
  • Gambit crashes are being investigated. (Twitter)
  • Will let the team know that some players would like the Orpheus Rigs changes reverse. (Forums)
    • "Orpheus Riggs was brought down to be in line with other Super Regen Exotics. I'll let the team know that you feel this nerf was unnecessary and you would like to see it brought back up. Appreciate the feedback." (Forums)
  • On the Eververse Titan armor: "We'll let the dev team know that you don't find this Titan armor appealing. I've seen a lot of feedback that players like the other two classes sets and some Titans would like to see something that looks like the Huner sets on Titans. If you have any additional thoughts, please feel free to share. Thanks!" (Forums)


  • They're tracking/investigating a few different crashes and performance issues. (Reddit)
    • Once they have a fix planned, they will let you know. (Reddit)
  • On GoS seal no longer requiring flawless:

Adding some additional info:

Speaking with the team, the plan was for the shader to be the flawless reward, while the title itself was for folks who completed all of the other associated requirements (badge, triumphs). Lengthy time investment on the current raid, which in itself is difficult to the majority of players. While more people will have access to the title, it will still be one of the more exclusive in the title roster.

The bug (flawless shader being required for seal) was tracked and fixed over the last few months, but wasn’t on our radar to communicate. Further, the bug was accidentally removed from our backend patch notes tracking page when an alternate bug was added.

Perfect storm for this to feel like a stealth change, but that was not our intention. We’ve kicked off an internal conversation about the patch note issue to help avoid that happening again in the future.

We’re also talking with the team about seals/titles, and what the current goals are behind them. Don’t have a specific timeline for those comms, but would love to cover them in a future TWAB.

Thanks for the feedback so far. Keep it coming. (Reddit)

  • They're going through feedback regarding Eververse with the team. (Reddit)
  • The short of it - a few bones needed to break on Emblems in order to reset them for a brighter future. Some trackers couldn't start at the beginning of your journey, but will be tracking from now on. (Reddit)
  • Let Dylan know how you're engaging with the bunker system here.
  • Let Dylan know about what you think about the current state of power fantasy in D2 here.