• Destiny crashing every time the PS4 resumes from sleep is a known issue being looked into. (Reddit)
  • On Rift:

Rift always seemed to have a mixed reception. It required a great deal of teamwork so if you were running stacked you would have a good time, but if you were matchmaking with teammates, it could get away from you pretty quick. At least that's the experience and feedback I remember most, especially during Iron Banner.

I'll definitely share the feedback posted here, feel free to add to it below. If it did come back, would you want any changes made or for us to keep it as close to the OG D1 version as possible? (Reddit)

  • Solving issues with the Collections tab (such as, being unable to pull random rolled weapons) is still in their backlog to look into a solve for it in the future. (Reddit)
  • They're looking into rewards not dropping in Trials. (Reddit)
  • Seraph SMG ornament removing its cell-producing properties is being investigated. Looks like this is also affecting the new Seraph shotgun and they have a fixed planned for both items in the next update. (Reddit)
  • Will report to the team that Doomfangs aren't working as intended. (Reddit)
  • They've given feedback to the team about putting a pinnacle raid of the week on a rotation. (Reddit) [Cozmo] can't even have the appearance that something is being worked on unless they are ready to confirm that. (Reddit)
  • Will share the suggestion to make a Dreaming City flashpoint. (Reddit)
  • FPS drops and crashes are being looked into. (Reddit)
  • Trials rewards will rotate each week and you will not be required to go flawless to earn armor. (Reddit)
  • Trials matchmaking is going by the highest card in the fireteam. (Twitter) 2
  • Will give feedback that some players would like anyone who has already been flawless to not match against those who have not. (Currently it's something they have no control for) (Twitter)
  • Will give feedback that some players would like to see the sword changes reverted. (Twitter) 2
    • "We make changes we believe are best for the game based on a number of factors including data, player feedback, and our designers. Please don't think us not changing something you don't prefer as us not caring about your opinion. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us."
  • They have given feedback to the team that players would prefer the round in Trials to tie if both teams are dead at the end. Cozmo believes that  the determination of who wins goes by the Combat tick rate and the kill feed is on the lower tick rate, but he would need to double check. (Twitter) 2
  • Legendary Lost Sectors were designed to be difficult as you power up. There has been a lot of feedback that power doesn't matter without activities that require it. They should become easier to clear once you become more powerful. Will give feedback that having two servitors shield each other is unfun and frustrating. (Forums)
  • There is a bug causing Fighting Lion's blast radius to be reduced. Fix is being worked on. (Forums)
  • Checked on the Warden of Nothing boss and there is an issue with it not counting as Fallen boss kill. They are preparing a fix for an update coming up this season. (Forums)
  • Will let the team know players would like to see Mythoclast, Necrochasm, or No Land Beyond in Destiny 2 in the future. (Forums)


  • On Pinnacles/Pursuit weapons:

We are aware of the strong desire from players for pursuit weapons to return for Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit. Speaking with the team, they are candidates for future weapon allocation in a future season (Note: can’t make any promises yet.)

It’s a tricky balancing act, as pursuit weapons could come at the cost of general rewards allocated for alternate activities (legendary weapons for Trials, as an example)

We’ll be sure to let you know our future plans when we have more information (Reddit)

The comparison above isn’t simply from a modeling perspective, but other resources and time.

When looking at Trials weapons, you have to consider the time of bringing the models from D1 to D2, but also the process of setting up perks, creating new ones, testing them, hooking up the reward sites, and testing those. There are more then likely many other angles of development that I can’t necessarily speak to, but making a collection of weapons and rewards for the return of an activity that is free to all players (Trials) was prioritized over creating three quest based weapons for those existing activities for this season.  (Reddit)

  • On Roadmaps:

We're trying to be careful with roadmaps, leaving players to discover more content on their own, and this is an expected side effect. Definitely seeing the feedback that the season started slow, but there is indeed more coming.

Moon bunker kicks off next Tuesday, which will bring some different upgrades, another Seraph weapon, and more Heroic Lost Sectors to the fold. While some of you may have already taken a peek, Trials has more weapons and armor that will come into play over the next few weekends. Grandmaster comes in mid season, with Guardian Games and such as well.

We hope that as more seasonal content comes live, players have some positive feedback. We're still in here every day though, collecting your thoughts. (Reddit)

  • It is recommended to report suspected cheaters both via report tab after inspecting the player, and through Steam. (Twitter)
  • The security team is always at work, in the shadows. While you may not see bans confirmed publicly, they are continuously removing bad actors from the Destiny 2 experience. (Twitter) As always, please report players on . Whether you suspect them of cheating in PvE or PvP activities.