• Transmog feature is early in development so they don't have a lot of details to share. Feedback about what players would prefer is welcome. (Reddit)
  • Xur should have random rolls starting next season. (Reddit)
  • They'll continue to share feedback that players would like increased vault space as well as the ability to pull more items from collections to also help alleviate vault space issues (Forums)
  • Seasons will still require a purchase, but they want to make sure you can still experience the narrative content of previous seasons going forward even if you missed a season or jumped in late. (Forums)
    • Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit are free activities so changes to their rewards will not require purchase.
    • Any changes to the bounties available without requiring the season pass will be free.
    • Seasonal events are always free and future improvement to them will also be free.
    • Bounties in orbit will be free to all players.
    • Increased bounty expiration time will be free to all players.
    • The things that require purchase of the season pass, weapons, armor, activities, etc will continue to require purchase. All quality of life changes and improvements to the core systems of Destiny [like OP in source posted above] won't cost anything. When we let you pick up bounties from orbit, everyone will be able to do that whether they purchase or just play for free.


  • The team is moving to avoid adding attaching important lore/plot development to Eververse items. May not apply immediately (Season 11), but seasons after that is when you should stop seeing lore on Eververse items. (Reddit)
    • There isn't a single person on the team that would ever think players wanted "less lore".  The delivery method of said lore is what this feedback is about. (Reddit)
  • There will still be cosmetics in the shop, just not themed to Aspiration Activities. (Reddit)
  • They want to pump out weapons and rewards, but they don't want to overburden the team.

I've said before, "it's a tricky balancing act" - not only in balancing unique pursuit weapons on top of the slew of weapons for a season or release, but balancing the time of the team. We went from too much to too little, and we hope this solution is a good middle ground. If it's not, we have time to iterate. We have a live game, and can continue to improve season over season. (Reddit)

  • List of feedback DMG collected about the Guardian Games can be found here.