• Most feedback is not an entirely new thing and probably something we have seen in one form or another before, but the community managers still read it and will share it wider. (Reddit)
  • A reliable Guitar error trigger in Gambit has been found, and the info has been sent over to be investigated. (Reddit)
  • Making Champions weaker ws one of the switches they had, so they flipped it. (Reddit) If there were a timer switch, they would have likely also utilized it. (Reddit) They're not trying to convey that changing the Champion is a solution - it was one of the things they could do and didn't think it would hurt anything. (Reddit)
  • On sunsetting weapons (more here): pinnacles are Legendaries and will share the same Max Power Level lifespans based on when they were released. (Reddit)


  • Success isn't whether or not you complete the [Lie] quest - it's how quickly you complete it.

The point of this step wasn't to challenge the community to complete something, and if they didn't, they wouldn't get something. It was to rally everyone to a single event to kick off "The Lie".

The feedback I'm seeing is as follows:

  • Community events are cool, but they feel a bit too frequent at this point in time
  • The current community event splits the population between three destinations. Would be nice to focus players more to a single activity or area.
  • Players would like to see more rewards that are exclusive to the event, which could drive participation. Whether they be tied to steps or general engagement with the activity, "Exclusive" rewards for stuff like this is key to player excitement.
  • The current goals were far too high, which resulted in a lack of visible progress. As such, folks felt like their contribution had no meaning, and ditched the event pretty quickly.
  • The current objective focuses on a Public Event that's been available since the launch of the season - without new rewards or reasons to visit the event, there's a bit of burnout.
  • Public area matchmaking can be frustrating when trying to find a space with enough players to attempt the event

I'm not going to touch on feeback[sic] that deals with spoilers just yet.  (Reddit)

  • The team absolutely wants to make cool new shit[sic], but also understands that players want to see things return. Finding the balance is key. (Reddit)
    • Some weapons will be left to the sunset, while others will be re-issued in future seasons. (Reddit)
    • The team will indeed create new weapons and exciting loot to earn, while filling other sources of loot with a mix of new and re-issued gear. [DMG] would not look at re-issued weapons as the main drive for future content drops, especially paid DLC/Seasons, which is what some replies [on social media] seem to fear. (Reddit)
  • They'll have more info on how sunsetting weapons will affect activities next week. Stay tuned. (Reddit)
    • Pinnacles and pursuit weapons are legendary weapons, and will be subject to sunsetting. They can still be used in activities that aren't power enabled. (Reddit)
  • They're watching the feedback of PVP folks when it comes to weapon sunsetting. Trials/Iron Banner will be impacted, and you'll have to find new gear. Normal Crucible, however, will still have a home for your Beloved, Mountaintop, Spare Rations, etc. Give thoughts here.

Andrew H.

  • Andrew Hopps has this to say about weapons sunsetting, and DestinyRoundup quotes:

You know how Recluse shits on everything in PvE? Weapon sunsetting means we can add more weapons that shit on everything and they just eventually fall behind in power. New weapons that shit on everything can be added without constant power creep. I'm very excited for it. (Twitter)