• Pinnacles are legendaries and will share the same Max Power Level lifespans based on when they were released. (Reddit)
  • They've seen the feedback around build crafting and how players feel that Masterworking is going to feel far too expensive if the gear you put the materials becomes no longer infusible a year or X months later. Thoughts will be shared with the dev team. Max Power Levels will be shown in Season 11 but won't actually be reached until Season 12. Keep the feedback coming. (Twitter)
    • They're definitely sharing all of the feedback from players asking to not introduce Max Power Levels as well. (Reddit)
  • On a quote from a Bungie Weekly Update prior to Dark Below expansion that time players have invested in their stuff should be respected:

It's hard for me to speak to this since it's even older than my time at Bungie and I'll have been here 5 years in July. As community managers we are extremely careful with what we say. We try to be as accurate as possible and represent the vision of an entire studio and future proof our coms [sic] as much as possible. It can bee tricky at times since Destiny is fairly complex game that is always evolving.

Back to the point, the game has changed significantly in the last 5 years and It's pretty obvious that in the moment that TWAB was written we weren't forecasting out all of the possible timelines for the next 5+ years to come Dr Who style.[sic] Infusion changes are what the team thinks is best for the games health going forward. We truly welcome any and all feedback on why you believe these changes won't be good for the game and will continue to share those thoughts with the team. We'll continue to give you details on future plans and if anything changes, we'll let you know. (Reddit)

  • Armor will come from specific activities like Crucible and Gambit and turning in tokens at the vendors, but you will get weapons from the world loot pool listed in the TWAB from doing those activities or turning in tokens at the vendors. So for example, you would always get Crucible armor from turning in tokens to Shaxx, but you might get the Gambit sidearm for turning in Crucible tokens as well. (Reddit)
  • Skill is not factored in Classic Mix matchmaking. (Twitter)
  • The new engrams will drop in the world. You will have to wait and see what they look like. (Twitter)
  • They have no plans to add Max Power Levels to Exotics. (Forums)


  • Felwinter's Lie:

Bugs suck, plain and simple. I think I can speak for most anyone at Bungie when I say that it hurts to see stuff like this ship. We absolutely want to build amazing experiences from beginning to end, but things just don't fly the right way sometimes.

We're working on improvements internally. We definitely see the bugs shipping and how they're impacting the experience. This isn't a matter of test specifically, mind you. I have to applaud our folks on the amount of bugs that don't ship. This one in particular, we're even having issues reproducing it internally. Sometimes it's tools, sometimes it's timelines, sometimes it's random things we could never have caught in our limited amount of dev time.

Thank you for your service in helping to get the community step done. Hope to get things back on track quickly. (Reddit)

Sometimes we luck out, where something can be fixed server side.

Other times, we strike out, having issues identifying the bug, developing a fix, or ending up finding more bugs in testing.

Stars aligned for this fix. Couldn't hit it server side, but the issue was identified rather quickly and the fix was straight forward. Team kicked ass, and we absolutely didn't want this to be something that was blocked for the remainder of the season. (Reddit)

It was an awkward interaction between a "private" quest instance and a "public" destination.  (Reddit) The team does a lot of work to replicate the environment you play in. Far more bugs would make it through if those steps weren't taken. That said, something wasn't right here. We probably won't be releasing a deep-dive on exactly what went wrong. It was a moment to learn from so we can prevent bugs like this from happening in the future, which is awesome. (Reddit)

  • On future: If there's a weapon currently available from Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit that is not on the list provided in the TWAB, get it before it's gone. This is more a note for collectors. Some weapons will have new Max Power Levels. Others will not. (Twitter)
  • Can say that there aren't any changes to scouts and rocket launchers planned for Season 11. Will continue to pass on the feedback. Wanted to make sure we covered HandCannons/Snipers in the "future tuning" callouts, will make sure to note that Scouts/Rockets are just as important. (Twitter)


  • Bungie never comments on so-called "leaks" and rumors about the future of Destiny whether it be to confirm or invalidate them. When it's time to reveal, it'll be via Bungie's official channels. If you are told "Yes, but [Bungie employee] confirmed it", it is simply wrong. (Twitter)