• On Raid exotics as mentioned in the This Week At Bungie:
    • Raid exotic drop chance increase is next week. It is not retroactive. (Hopps, Twitter)
    • They looked into making it retroactive but couldn't make that happen. Knew it would be kind of a bummer, but still felt the changes where worth making for your progress going forward. (Reddit)
    • Tarrabah already has these cumulative drop chances. (Hopps, Twitter)
    • Tarrabah has some bad luck protection. This change is getting the others up to par. I can dig in to get exacts. (DMG, Reddit)
    • Tarrabah will follow the same rules as the other exotics. Starts at 10%, builds to 50% over 20 clears. (DMG, Reddit)
  • Changes to Antaeus Wards didn't make it in the patch for next week but are currently scheduled to come out the following week.
    • Removed bonus to super energy when reflecting shots
    • Added 1.5 seconds of sprinting before exotic perk can be triggered by slide
  • They may look at Exotic more in the future but they wanted to get this change out for S11 and gather data/feedback on how it affects the sandbox. (Reddit)
  • Cozmo misses Dylan. (Reddit)


  • Real talk:

A lack of replies isn't an act of ignoring posts. Sometimes we can give concrete info and lengthy replies, which feels great. Other times, we don't have much to say. I know a lot of you greatly enjoy the opportunity to meme on a "Thanks for the post, we'll pass it along" reply. Sometimes I poke fun at it too. I just wasn't taking the time to hit those.

Last two weeks, between personal illness and some other projects, I didn't take much time to reply to threads. Just spent time talking with devs about specific feedback points, helping folks to reprioritize some issues, and focusing on some upcoming content.

Will make sure to reply more often, but please don't take a lack of replies as us ignoring y'all. (Reddit)

  • On token rebalancing:

Rebalancing the Tokens overall, hopefully, will push more W's for the lower brackets as the higher skilled players will be going for flawless cards instead of resetting at 3 wins.

Weekly bounty will also bring incentive to gameplay. Snag bounties, get your weekly done, unlock the engram, etc.

We'll be watching how the changes land. More planned for fall. (Reddit)

  • Community Q&A: Controller Remapping thread can be found here.