Building a Viable Future In Destiny article.


  • They're reworking the new player experience along with the addition of the Cosmodrome to make New Light less confusing when DCV settles in. (Reddit)
  • Xur's random rolls were missed in the notes. Hit Cozmo up on Friday if Xur's still being stubborn. (Reddit)
  • Broken sprint is being looked at. (Reddit)
  • Will give feedback about Champions in Vault of Glass. Let Bungie know if you would like these experiences to stay as close to the original as possible, or if you think there should be more changes to make them feel updated and fresh. (Reddit)
  • Max Power Level changes for the Garden of Salvation and Last Wish raid weapons and armor didn't make it into this season. They will be updated next season. This won't affect anything with these items this season since you will be able to infuse them up to the Seasons max power level. (Forums)


  • Dark title screen for Fall 2020. (Twitter)
  • Invisible ships are known issue. (Twitter)
  • If you hoard bounties between seasons, you do so at the risk of losing a few powerful drops. [DMG] Will be sure to call this out before next season. (Twitter)

Luke Smith. & DrLupo


Editor's note: Um's/uh's/and the like have been removed for an easier reading experience. Connection errors cut Luke's microphone out for a second now and then.

Lupo: None of the questions I’m gonna ask are pre-canned from Bungie, they didn’t give me anything. I even told CJ [Gibson] no-thank-you-I’m-good, because I wanted to do the best that I could to represent the community and the position you have offered to me.

Lupo: We’re gonna start with talking about in game live events. We saw the destruction of the Almighty, that was a technical feat for Bungie. Proving you can do in-game globally synced live events, very very cool. Many players were frustrated by the duration of the event, and global communication when viewing a set event would be essential. Will Bungie be doing more in-game live events, and if so in what ways are they going to be changed from our first experience with them?

Luke: I think that’s an awesome and totally great question. The way I’ve been thinking about this event, which I think you said really well – technically awesome. Once it kinda hit its stride I think it’s fucking cool, too. We had these LEGO ® pieces, and I think the LEGO ® pieces with like: What’s the timing of the event? What’s the way that players come into the world? How do they know what’s the best time to be there? I think about this in terms of concerts, not Travis Scott. But if you actually go to a concert, or a comedy show or something, doors are at 7:30 but if you’re there to see a comic they probably don’t go on til [nine. Mute]. Once you’ve learnt that, you’re like “Okay, that’s fine.” I think we could have signalled all that better. At the bare minimum, we gotta signal it better. But I think there is also a compression that we could be doing with the time that we’re asking people to [muted] to chill there to.

Editor's note: They took time with the event because people would have queue times or possible error codes launching into Tower if a smaller window was given. (Twitter) 2 It was triaged. (Twitter)

Lupo: A follow-up: if there are future events like that, is there an opportunity for players to maybe be a little more hands-on with the mechanics, or the event playing out? Because I think a lot of people while they did go through and do all the bounties and public events to gas Rasputin up, it very much would have been nice to be able to go to the Almighty, maybe disable portion of the shield… anything like that, where there was an interactive moment. Because people often felt like they were watching Rasputin blow a thing up that they put a lot of work into before that, with no pay off.

Luke: Yeah, I think that there’s two things you’re talking about there and I think they’re both great pieces of feedback.

The first one is, what’s like the kinetic action game part of this? How do I get to feel like I’m more involved? Actively like actively on the controller or the keyboard and I think that’s awesome feedback and we should strive to get there.

The second thing I would say is, it’s also about: how can I very clearly understand the impact of my or the community’s collective actions across the game? And so: what is the, like, other ideas that we’ve talked about, how could we have made the Warmind Network feel more present in the solar system at large? That you are actually feeling on your director, on your skybox, it’s everywhere, there’s a thing that’s building up over the course of the season. So, when you see those missile streamers traveling at physically real time, but maybe not like “action game” [mute][…]. That you’re like “Yeah, we did that.” I think those are both awesome notes and awesome pieces of feedback.

The other thing was, because this was kind of our first one, it was really meant to be a – as someone else said it really well - a “cinematic you’re watching with other people”. [mute] [Expectations managed?] for the next time.

Lupo: A lot of people in my chat are touching on Cross-Play, so I’m gonna bring that up super quick to get clarification. My understanding – correct me if I’m wrong – is that when the next gen of consoles are released there will be cross-play within the same eco-system. So Xbox One and the [Xbox Series X], and the PS4 and PS5. Those will be able to interact with each other initially, but not cross platform between the two initially. Correct?

Luke: Yeah. That inter-generational cross-play.

Lupo: And then going forward, Mark specifically said that the goal is to achieve full cross-play next year?

Luke: Yeah that’s our target we’ve been sitting on cross-play for a while, we’ve had some alert technical priorities this year and we want to move to that next. We wanted to be that single evolving world and that means play any time anywhere with your friends, and that Destiny 2’s the platform.

Lupo: A last clarification and I won’t bring up cross-play again: that’s gonna be Xbox. PlayStation, PC, stadia? All together?

Luke: Yes.

Lupo: There you go. Okay. I wanna swing back. Talking about public events, bounties. Season of the Worthy and the PvE side felt like that was the majority of what we were asked to do. It became for a lot of players relatively monotonous doing millions of these things, and that was the only thing you could do at the time to further the story, kind of frustrating. What is the plan going forward? Will seasonal content have a strong variety of things to do?

Luke: We’re getting the feedback as we keep going, one of the things I associate with player feedback around Season of the Worthy is in an intentional decision that I made, which is we want to refuel aspiration of the game and for that season, because we could only do one really big aspirational thing we chose to do Trials. And so, PVE aspirational players were kind of left cold by the lack of something to care about at the top end. We’ve rectified that for season 11 with the Dungeon that comes out today at 5, and so we’re making sure that we have that.

With a respect to the bounties and the amount of bounties players feel like they have to do, this is gonna be a continued area of improvement for us. We have stuff that we’re planning for Year 4 that is going to give players alternate ways to make bounty-like progress on their season pass that I think can lessen the burden of making it feel like you have to—like the best way to play the game is grab the random bounties and run in and out of a lost sector, that doesn’t sound like a super fun way to play the game. We gotta get better here.

Lupo: You mentioned that Season of The Worthy had Trials, that was the big aspiration, for Season of Arrivals you have a brand-new dungeon. Which begs the question, is there a cadence internally about PvE vs PvP for new content? Should we expect the back and forth each season? Will it be split between both sides going forward with each subsequent season?

Luke: It’s not gonna be necessarily like a back and forth sawtooth, I think we’ve talked about what we need to do as a refresh to Trials every year, and I don’t know what we’ve said exactly – I can’t keep it all straight – I don’t know if we’ve said when we’re doing the next one…

Lupo: Feel free to say!

Luke: [laughs] No. I think that we’ve talked about the PvE top-end kinda passively [earlier that day]. which is you know in Year 4 we gonna have the Raid that comes out with Beyond Light, and we also gonna have a Raid that returns from the Content Vault, and so we’ll have at least two Raid activities next year, and we gotta figure out what that aspiration looks like in—there is one season basically that doesn’t have something booked, and we have to figure out what that’s gonna look like.

Lupo: You said a Raid was coming back from the content vault, which raid specifically?

Luke: [Laughs] We’re gonna pull the old Vault of Glass out.

Lupo: Next. Hardcore players of Destiny, which especially on the Streamer side I admit that – I’m trying to not be content creator focused, I’m trying to look at everybody – there are a lot of hardcore non-content creator players as well, they enjoy highly repeatable content.

I’m gonna use Diablo as an example: you have an unending difficulty scale in which you can continue to get rewards forever, basically. That may not be necessarily fit into the Destiny structure, but: GM Nightfalls were added as an even harder difficulty, but the reward structure for that was essentially a title you only went after once, with the exception of a small period of bugged rewards, there was no reason to do those over Masters.

Going forward, is there a plan to give a longer-term carrot-on-a-stick-mechanic for players in that situation that have done everything? Maybe you can have titles that level up, so you’ve unlocked Conqueror at level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4. Something that will give people something to do, so you can show that they’ve dedicated a whole crapload of time to something that doesn’t affect how the game is played?

Luke: That’s a great suggestion and I’m pretty sure we’re doing something like this, starting soon. It might be starting as early as Season 11 as some stuff moves around in the calendar. Gilding titles is a thing that we’re working on and planning to do as one thing. Another thing, with an activity like GM Nightfalls which I think have a number of really awesome properties, we’re gonna be enhancing their itemization during Year 4.

I think that- sometimes we’re not totally sure how a thing is gonna go. We do a lot of experimenting in this game, maybe sometimes it feels like we do too much. We are thinking about that rewards story of GM Nightfalls and believe we can enhance that pretty soon.

Lupo: Things like Tyrant’s Surge, and other mods created some really fun and effective builds within this last season. Are we gonna see mods from Season of the Worthy come back in the future, or do you plan on having additional relatively innovative for Destiny mechanics like that that are not just seasonal? In Diablo you have season gear that gets retired into the main line, do we see something like that happening with some of the mods that people absolutely love?

Luke: I think what the armor and mods team are doing right now is sneakily some really fucking awesome work on Destiny. The challenge might be: it’s a little hard to find the fun here, to like put it together and to make a build. I think that we have improvements that we can make there, to make buildcrafting a little bit more understandable. And then I think figuring out how do we take experiments like the cool stuff this season, Season Of the Worthy, and leverage those awesome things across the game. We gotta do more than that. When we find something super successful, how can we double down on that?

We place bets, and when the bets hit, we have to double down.

Lupo: The player base has always had always a complex relationship with paid seasonal content in Destiny, should players temper their expectations when it comes to each new season? Should we be focusing more on the larger expansions as the target for highly repetitive stuff?

Luke: I think that this is a line we’re still gonna have to find. We have basically a battle pass that for sure has ten dollars of value if you’re thinking about value. But I think we also ask players to play the game a lot, and so I think this year we over struck the FOMO nerve and that’s completely on me, that’s my direction and digression. I think I led us astray and we gonna fix it.

The other thing that you’re asking about content… I think we have to continue to evolve the way we’re thinking about content. Like again, this year we had a bunch of really cool stuff like rescuing Saint-14 was a cool quest line that had a bunch of good elements in it, but I think we ended up making a lot of six players arena type activities. You can lay that at my feet, too. I think we need more diverse offerings in our seasons.

Imagine a season – we’re not doing this, just imagine – a season that’s about a handful of Exotic quests so you have a bunch of cool questlines that season, and that’s the primary thing that you’re doing. I think that we got areas to improve here, and we need to do, and we gonna do it. But you and the community can always lay the blame that you’re unhappy with directly on me. If it’s awesome, the team did a great job. If it’s not what you wanted it to be, you can blame me for it.

Lupo: There are a lot of different avenues which people express their frustrations and joys from Destiny. There is a team within Bungie that is responsible for monitoring all those things, right?

Luke: Yep. Oh yeah. Our community team and we have a bunch of surveying that’s happening – kind of, I’ll say, passively – and technology, and surveying reactions, seeing how people talk about the game. We’re always looking at that stuff. And our community team does an amazing job at showing us what’s going on in the game. It’s not always the place you want to send your team to go, out into the wilds to collect feedback. You want feedback who are focused on that as their job.

Lupo: With projecting a roadmap all the way out to 2022, it does seem more and more like Destiny 3 is not going to be a thing. Is there ever gonna be a Destiny 3?

Luke: I’ll say we’re not planning to make one. We believe really strongly that we want the future of Destiny inside of the Destiny 2 game. This is the way.

Lupo: Is there a plan to continue integrate Destiny 1 content back into Destiny 2? You said you’re bringing back VoG, Cosmodrome is returning. And then in addition to that, is there going to be a lot of people complain – not just solely at Bungie – that it’s re-used the same content over and over again, copy and paste of old stuff, because there may not be an opportunity to innovate, maybe you don’t have chances to build new things, or maybe it’s laziness.

Can you explain the thought process behind bringing that stuff in, and if we should expect D1 content to as a whole return to D2?

Luke: I wouldn’t expect the D1 content to return as a whole, we’re not gonna remake the Destiny 1. If only it was that simple as CTRL+C and CTRL+V. We’re not gonna remake Destiny 1’s campaign in Destiny 2, we’ll probably never do that. But when I think about the content that we’ve built to date, we think that there is a bunch of really awesome stuff that has been lost in the dark corners of time as we’ve moved on. And so, I think the Destiny Content Vault is an opportunity to selectively pull things out of the vault.

I will speak for myself: the idea of a ship heading towards a strike and hearing the voiceover of Zavala as we go to that imperial land tank outside of Rubicon, that would make me laugh. That would bring me some joy. And so, I think we have content that can touch our players in that way

It’s also a balancing act, because you wanna keep making new awesome stuff too and that’s not just limited to our players wanting us to make new awesome stuff it’s also our development team who wants to make new awesome stuff. We gotta find the right line between--- some of our playlists feel like Greatest Hits, you know, and so that our world feels new. We got to keep exploring that.

Lupo: In the future will Bungie have, or maybe put forth a more concentrated effort to bring more of the lore directly into the game for a more cohesive narrative? An example is; I asked before stream if anybody knew the name of the Psion flayer that was in charge of trying to crash the Almighty into the Tower, into Earth. And pretty much nobody knew Amtec’s name unless you read the lore. That’s one of those things about the game, that if you’re not constantly staying up to date on all the little pieces – and that’s a little RPG element that should be respected – but having that stuff put in front of you is very important. Is that gonna be something we should expect in the future, or are we gonna continue to have to even just for main plot points to have to go to the Grimoire and read?

Luke: I think it’s a mix. Eramis is a character I believed we’ve summoned from the history of the game, and it also depends on how our lore – which is largely looking at it the history [mute] – And, how the lore, the narrators are sometimes reliable sometimes [unreliable, I, mute], how that relates to what we’re doing. We do have a plan and vision for where we are trying to take the story, and we may find the lore super reliable in some respects and in some respects it could be a zag, because narrators are maybe not as reliable as we think they are.

Lupo: With the Destiny Content Vault becoming a thing, and retiring a portion of the Destiny content, there’s gonna be people that will say that they feel like they’ve lost money or wasted money that they’ve spent on content that they can no longer play. While I understand the utilization and the reasoning behind it, that obviously makes sense if you can’t update and patch your game in a timely manner, what do you say to the people that feel like they will have wasted money on content they feel they can’t access anymore?

Luke: I think it’s totally an acceptable feeling. What we’re trying to do – I’m not gonna tell people how to feel – what we’re trying to do is make sure that we can continue to grow Destiny to in the direction that we wanna grow it. We wanna give people plenty of notification, more so maybe in the future than we did this year with what is gonna go away.

The other thing is we’re setting this up in such a way that the content is gonna go free in its life cycle before it goes away. We wanna avoid situations where someone pays for something and then poof, it’s gone the next day. That would super duper suck.

Some of the harsh reality here is: content that we’re vaulting this year is some content that lost their play. I don’t think a lot of people are going through [muted] these days, even though I think the Red War’s cool and it totally represents a chunk of effort from our team, a chunk of effort from our players, and certainly a period in Destiny’s history: we have to excise the past to continue with the future.

Lupo: With Stasis being added, it is a brand-new subclass so there will be 4 per Class, correct?

Luke: Yes. These subclasses will be different to how the current subclasses are selected. They will not be locked diamonds, they’re going to be a brand-new model that allows for much more player choice and flexibility than the current Arc, Solar, and Void subclasses have. And this was something that was really important to me and really important to the team. It’s gonna be a different way to customize your Guardian than it is today.

Lupo: Those customization options, are those going to be integrated back into the current three subclasses?

Luke: That thing I said about experiments? We wanna see how this goes. I think our desire is to get to a place where players have much more flexibility with their subclasses than what they have today. But also; that means if we should someday decide to break up the subclasses in Destiny 2, some stuff will probably go away as well. We’re taking it really seriously and thinking a lot about it, right now we’re focusing on Stasis and the new paradigm.

Lupo: Is there any concern around homogenization between subclasses or balancing? Now that you’re gonna have 4 with the options underneath that?

Luke: I think homogenization is for me… kind of an ongoing concern. It’s really hard to make something that competes with turning into a tiny god and running around and destroying everything, which is what a bunch of our model supers are. We’ve got to figure out what’s the right balance for those things.

I gotta talk out of church here for a second: I think that the relationship between the supers in Destiny 1 was maybe a little bit more interesting than what we have today. Today the classes do kinda have similar versions of the same supers. I think there is an opportunity for us to pull them apart a little bit more than they are today. That’s a thing we – again – take really seriously. People might identify that “I am only a Spectral Blades Hunter” aka a douchebag. I don’t wanna just strip people of that, either.

Lupo: Rude.

Luke: [Laughs]

Lupo: Will there be a completely new pool of weapons after each sunset, or will we be collecting Better Devils Version 3?

Luke: I would have to look. It’s gonna be a mix. We’re gonna keep updating that [..] pool. The team’s actively developing a bunch of new traits or perks. I think we can do better than it’s the same Better Devils you had with the exact same rolls.

Lupo: Is Sunsetting being implemented to force players to shake up the meta, within both PvE and PvP?

Luke: It’s not being implemented to force players to do it. It has a knock-on effect, as max power level goes up certain weapons will fall by the wayside. At least in high level competitive activities. I think that has a number of good properties, even though I also know that […] some dissonance for our players where wielding a gun in Destiny is different than it is than wielding a staff in an MMO because the staff is basically glorified stats. And our weapons team curates each legendary very bespoke, so it’s easy to find a gun that you fall in love with. So the idea of it going away and not being viable in activities is hard for people to reconcile.

Lupo: SRL coming back?

Luke: Nothing to talk about right now, I do […] that people miss it. I think that it’s a good question, keep asking.

Lupo: Do we have an expectation of yes or no with timing when it comes to dedicated servers in PVP and or a higher tick rate?

Luke: We should follow up with the technology this time, definitely not the person to ask about tick rates. My English degree doesn’t do a whole lot of good there. Dedicated servers, though, the Destiny infrastructure is built on a peer-to-peer platform, and I don’t know that we’ll migrate the game to dedicated servers necessarily at this point.

Lupo: You can say no, I’m just saying.

Luke: I said a version of no. It’s a soft no!

Lupo: Any plans for more Whisper or Outbreak type missions in the future?

Luke: Secret missions wouldn’t be secret if we talked about them.

Lupo: Any plans for beards on characters?

Luke: Listen… as a furry faced dude myself, something like that would be cool, although a little weird to put on my female characters. But: we’re in the process of re-doing our face customi—of re-doing our face pipeline altogether right now. Maybe someday down the road.

Lupo: Any plans for an auto dismantle on blue drops?

Luke: I think the real question although – again breaking outta jail here- is “Hey, when am I gonna start using greens and blues again?” and you know, I think that’s an interesting question. Right now, we have a bunch of colors that in fact aren’t used, and that’s my version of that question. The thing I’m talking about is not happening this fall. But that’s a real question to ask, why do we have these other colors if we’re not gonna use them?

Lupo: What’s the reason behind some of the blanket weapon nerfs? We have outliers like high impact fusions, 150 RPM hand cannons, 140 snipers, entire weapon class gets punished because of one or two individuals. Is there a reasoning to that?

Luke: I think historically – I’ll look at hand cannons, because they’re a weapon people care a lot about – the hand cannons will all get touched. They will all get touched because the technology and what the team has done this year, is that they’ve broken out hand cannon tuning by RPM. You can touch a 150 instead of a 180 etc. We’re trying to make that better.

Lupo: Regarding PvP specifically, what’s the team’s design philosophy behind what their current long term PVP pursuit is, and what should we expect from PVP specifically in the upcoming seasons?

Luke: That feels like a big question. For us being out of time, that’s a big one. We will get somebody infront of the players […].- committed.



Luke: Before we start: When we set out to think about this expansion, and where we had been- the last kind of massive event in Destiny was the end of Destiny 2 when the Traveler woke up and kind of you know—you realized that the Traveler maybe hasn’t been dead, it’s been intentionally dormant because any action would result in this, you know, inevitability. And so with Shadowkeep it was really important to me that we start to pick up that thread, I felt like that was a really big ball to kick. With something like the Stranger, and something like Europa: these are really things I associate with early Destiny. Its another thing we were looking for even before we hired a director for this piece, it was that we wanted to reach out across all of Destiny history and pull some stuff together to say “Hey! We’re moving forward here!” and the director we ended up tapping is actually the same director who did the Destiny 1 Mars video. It’s again with Ilya [V. Abulkhanov]. We worked a bunch over the years, so any time there is a little homage it’s totally intentional and just part of Ilya’s genius.

[Lupo starts the video]

Luke: Lot of initial drama of getting the colors right in the Pyramid ships, because we didn’t want them to be too threatening.

[Drifter is shown on camera]

Luke: This shot here with the Drifter shot that is a mirror of that original kind of Destiny 1 intro. You’ll see another one of the mirrors there where Eris takes a little tumble. That is exactly meant to mirror the Astronauts slipping. So, if we pause here on the fire…

[Lupo pauses the video at 0:34]

Luke: We were really thinking about how to do the Stranger. We didn’t want the reveal to be totally immediate, but we also wanted it to be the kinda thing where the silhouette on her rifle would maybe tip the hand. We entertained a bunch of different ideas here. There was one great idea from Ilya and his team, where she was in an interior [stumble] on an ancient computer that looked awesome, and we ended up going with the fire cause the lighting was better for concealing the character in a way that we wanted to.

Lupo: I think a lot of people saw the gun - and I speak for my chat for sure – and kinda went nuts, almost instantly as soon as the thing was on screen everybody caught that very quickly. But yeah, the shot that was chosen for this is really solid.

Luke: Yeah. Another thing we were thinking about was: when we can we wanted to make things that we created for the trailer kind of available to players so I think we’ve taken some of these things and woven them into pre-order bonuses for the game, for Beyond Light this wall. We do love this work, to model these things, and we think it’s awesome the players can get their hands on it.

Lupo: You’re telling me, to anybody that’s misinterpreting that, a number of the things the ships, the sparrows, the kinda stuff, is gonna be available as potential pre-order bonuses for Beyond Light and things following that?

Luke: Yeah, I don’t have it all stored totally in my brain but I think—yeah, for sure her weapon, and I believe the Sparrow is part of it too. The ship’s fucking awesome. We wanted to give the Drifter a different pog[?]. Some of the fun of doing stuff like this is getting to take characters who have really familiar aesthetics and give them something else. I remember Mike and I talking about “Well, if Eris is gonna be trudging through the frozen wilderness here, can we give her some winter gear?” When you see your favourite characters from Star Wars they have like different wardrobe changes, Han Solo Parka’s awesome, like totally what’s Eris version of Han Solo Parka?

Lupo: That’s gonna be an official Destiny clothing piece in the future, I’m sure.

[Lupo resumes the video]

[Shot of blue glowing crystals and Eris]

Luke: So here you can see Eris is walking there, these crystals emerging, and this is indicating that she is- this plus the final scene of Shadowkeep, is really indicating that Eris – a character who has been very anti the notion of the darkness – has started to explore the edges of it. And it certainly looks like she might be wielding something a little bit different than what you would expect.

Lupo: This looks like it has a similar aesthetic to Stasis.

[Mic cuts out]

[Scene with a lot of Sparrows at 1:26]

Luke: The original cut for this piece was almost five minutes long and a lot of it ended up being travel. It ended being a lot of travel time, and Mike and Eric and I were talking about: this notion of taking our time was really important. Not because of all reveals, but sometimes we’ll have the marketing pieces – pieces that we put out – that are really bombastic. The pace is really fast, and I think the dungeon trailer, and early gameplay trailer are punchier and quicker. We have this long cut for this piece, and then we have a shorter cut that was – I don’t remember the exact time. And when people watched the shorter cut we just didn’t feel like it was giving the whole piece enough time to breathe, and of course the five minute cut is like… now that’s like Mike, Zac, and I being like “It could be long, slow, like a […] movie. We found some [reasonable length]. We did get to this really nice length here.

[1:49, scene with all three of our heroes meeting]

Luke: This is meant to show an uncomfortable meeting between three characters. The dismount for the Stranger, and into this thing from emerges from her.

[Scene of Stranger walking with her little buddy flying around]

Luke: That object… I know we’re gonna have a lot of questions about. And I’m not gonna talk too specifically about them. But the Stranger is not forged in Light, the Stranger does not have a Ghost.

Lupo: So that’s not a Ghost.

Luke: That is not a Ghost. That is something different, and you know, that’s kinda where we’re gonna leave that for now. But is for sure not a Ghost.

Lupo: Towards the very end she has a line, about bringing them here to see the Dorito, one of the Pyramid ships. Are we too assume that based on that back and forth that Drifter, Eris Morn, and the Exo Stranger have a previous interaction history?

Luke: I don’t think it’s assumed that there is a previous interaction history. I think when we were putting this piece together, we were thinking about who is the--- who are three characters, cause Destiny often happens in fact with three— who are the three characters who would be the most interested in the power of the Darkness? And the Drifter with all of his you know: EMBRACE THE DARKNESS; all of this Gambit things, is a great fit. And then Eris of course is kind of also a pretty great fit. This whole idea started with the Stranger, so she was there from the beginning because I thought like, any time that you wanna explore something different like the Darkness – like I said on the video – A character who is not forged in Light, a character who kind of pointed at this notion that the collision would the player would break ground, felt like a really good opportunity. And I know people have been waiting a long time to see her again. I think this is a great time to do it.

Lupo: I think that’s an understatement. That was one of the characters Idonthavetimetoexplain[..] The thing that’s “Not A Ghost”, will we be able to obtain something similar?

Luke: Not this year.

[Lupo stares into the camera for a second]

Lupo: Are you implying that in the future that it would potentially be possible?

Luke: It’s certainly an idea that we’re deeply considering, cause I think—now you’ve put something in front of people, you see how they react to it, you see that they think it’s cool. And then we’ll go from there. I think there is a bunch of opportunity to add super cool shit for players in Destiny, and I think that the Stranger’s lil’ buddy is pretty super cool, but y’know. Our community is gonna tell us what they think.

Lupo: They usually do, don’t worry.

[Modern technology mutes Luke Smith laughing]

Lupo: Between when Beyond Light is released and now, is there an expectation for the Exo Stranger’s, the big gap in time to be fleshed out to what was going on? Where they went, all that?

Luke: No. She’s gonna kinda debut in Beyond Light. She’s not gonna be part of the Season of Arrivals.

Lupo: Just wanted to check.