• They’re making some under-the-hood changes to how activities function when Season 12 launches (which they hope results in no noticeable changes in the activities themselves). Unfortunately, that change means the newest pinnacle activity - Prophecy – may have to take a season off before it returns. They're working to bring it back as quickly as they can. (Reddit) 2
  • Iron Banner will also not factor in skill in Matchmaking. (Reddit) 2
  • Beyond Light will be available soon on PS4 for pre-order. (Twitter)


  • Destroying raid bosses under two seconds with Witherhoard is unintentional, and will be fixed. Expect a timeline soon. Enjoy it while it lasts. (Reddit)
  • On the Vanguard bounty to kil 150 Scorn:

I don't believe the final [Hollow Lair] encounter will ever be changed to give progress on those enemies. It's easily farmable, makes quest/bounties completely trivial.

I know we have some other areas that many of you hit for quick progress, but they're not intentional. Don't know if they'll be patched, but the team usually tries to avoid easy to cheese/farm encounters when creating content. (Reddit)

I think on average an entire strike takes 10-15 minutes with minimal effort. When I say minimal effort, I mean it's a natural path of playing a strike in a MM activity, as opposed to hitting an endgame activity.

Feedback point I am getting from this, though, is a lack of shared progress on the scorn kills. With a smaller pool of activities to get these kills from, mixed with competing with team mates for said kills, it can get frustrating!

Good stuff. (Reddit)

  • Will be sure to get the info out ASAP as to what will happen with planetary materials economy come Destiny Content Vaulting. (Reddit)
  • Prime Engrams decrypting into a wrong class is a bug. (Twitter)


  • A number of roles were recast so they could continue development on Destiny during this time of global quarantine. Many of your favorite voice actors will return to their roles once global travel resumes. More on this in ‘This Week At Bungie.’ (Twitter)

Luke Smith, via other avenues.

  • On getting rid of the 2: "At this time, we’re going to keep focusing our efforts on the game itself. There are a lot of moving parts for changing the name, whether it’s work with platforms, string files, title screens, storefront work. It’s a lot of work. There are a bunch of really successful games with 2’s on the box – one of my favorites, DOTA 2 springs immediately to mind." (Source)