• Looking into Stormcaller being glitched. (Reddit) 2
  • Transmog is still a ways out so they aren't confirming any specifics of how the feature will work yet. Feedback will be passed along that players want more information about it before Raids and Destinations are vaulted. (Reddit)
  • Garden of Salvation and Last Wish gear will be granted an exception from the Max Power Cap rules and they will have a Max Power Cap that allows them to be infused to the Max Power Cap of Season 14. The UI will be updated to show this starting in Season 12. (Reddit) It will apply to both the current items you have and any future ones you earn. (Reddit)
  • Cozmo's tweet about cheating the game and also yourself after the Forge fix was a copy-pasta. (Reddit)
  • Players not being able to accept the Means to An End quest is being looked at. (Reddit)
  • They've been passing feedback that many players don't enjoy this large power bump between seasons. (Reddit) 2 3
  • They're sharing all of the feedback on reissued weapons they are seeing. [Cozmo has] seen some players say that if weapons are reissued they should have updated perks. Let them know what you think. (Reddit)
  • On speed of bug fixes:

Some have already pointed out some of the technical reasons on why some fixes are able to made quickly, while others take more time. If we ever fix something within a day or so that usually means that it was something that was able to be fixed server-side and didn't require a lot of testing to verify. It's always nice when we have that option, but it's not always the case and most bugs require an update to the game which is a much more complex process that takes more time and testing. (Reddit)

" Just because you can fix something doesn't mean you should. Maybe it was better broken. " That is definitely feedback I can give the team. I'll let them know that many players would rather the powerful rewards continue to drop from Umbral Engrams. (Reddit)

  • A fix for Gambit dropping 750 gear and Prime Engrams dropping Hunter gear for Warlocks is being worked on. (Reddit)
  • Will make sure that the issue with sparrow dismounting with the Bumper Jumper control scheme is logged. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to remove RNG from the sleeper nodes on Mars before the destination is vaulted has been sent to the team. (Reddit)
  • Working on getting Redrix back in the loot pool. (Twitter)
  • Classic Mix never had SBMM. (Twitter)


  • They're looking to add more Exotic Ciphers in Season 12. (Reddit)
  • A fix for final column double perk bonus for focused Umbral Engrams not working is planned for July update. (Reddit)
  • Team believes that they have identified the cause for broken bounty and milestone progress, but they're still working out exactly how to fix. Earliest they can expect this to be addressed is Fall. (Reddit)