Current events:

Issues being looked into:

Stormcaller not working as intended.

Players not being able to accept the Means to An End.

July update: A fix for final column double perk bonus for focused Umbral Engrams not working as intended.

Fall, at earliest: A fix for broken bounty and milestone progress.

Fix for new Ikelos weapons not making progress on the Sleeper catalyst is coming soon.

Season of Arrivals known issue page can be found here.

Sustained, Precision, and Swift Charge mods being bugged is being looked into.

Feedback Forwarded:

Many players don't enjoy this large power bump between seasons.

That when weapons are re-issued, they should have updated perks.

That players would like Powerful Rewards to continue to drop from Umbral Engrams.

Feedback about a Team Swords has been forwarded

They are sharing everyone's feedback with the team on Max Power Levels with both weapons and armor. They've seen a lot of feedback about Legendary Armor specifically and that it feels bad to have a lot of masterwork materials invested in a piece of gear that will have it's Max Power Level capped out and no longer be useful in end game content

Feedback about Matterweaves and its problems has been passed onto the team.

Feedback about reissued weapons has been passed along and heard.

Feedback on separating Ghost shells from their perks has been forwarded along.


If Bungie fixes something within a day or so, that usually means it was something able to be fixed server-side and didn't allow a lot of testing to verify. That is not always an option, and most bugs require an update to the game which is a much more complex process that takes more time and testing,

On sizing on the Raid Ring: Cozmo spoke with the store and they weren't able to offer the ring any smaller without warping the shape. Doesn't look like they will be able to make smaller sizes than 7.

The Future.

Transmog is still a way's out, so Bungie isn't confirming any specifics of how the feature will work yet. Feedback will be passed along that players want more information about it before raids and Destinations are vaulted.

Garden of Salvation and Last Wish gear will be granted an exception from the Max Power Cap rules, and they will have a Max Power Cap that allows them to be infused to the Max Power Cap of Season 14. The UI will be updated to show this starting in Season 12. It will apply to both the current items you have and any future ones you earn.

They're looking to add more Exotic Ciphers in Season 12.

No plans to turn on SBMM in Iron Banner. Will let the community know if anything changes

Dylan will see if they can get some info in the next few weeks as to what will happen to catalyst acquisition. A few things are still in flight/planning.

They're looking into Armaments and how they affect raid races

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