• Feedback about a Team Swords has been forwarded. (Reddit)
  • They are sharing everyone's feedback with the team on Max Power Levels with both weapons and armor. They've seen a lot of feedback that share [source OP's] point about Legendary Armor specifically and that it feels bad to have a lot of masterwork materials invested in a piece of gear that will have it's Max Power Level capped out and no longer be useful in end game content. (Reddit)
  • No plans to turn on SBMM in Iron Banner. Will let the community know if anything changes. (Twitter)


  • Their goal is to get more info out about Transmog before S12. Let Dylan know what questions are highest priority to you. (Reddit)
  • Dylan will see if they can get some info in the next few weeks as to what will happen to catalyst acquisition. A few things are still in flight/planning. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Matterweaves and its problems has been passed onto the team. (Reddit)
  • Give feedback about the Glass modifier here.
  • Fix for new Ikelos weapons not making progress on the Sleeper catalyst is coming soon. (Twitter)
  • Feedback about reissued weapons has been passed along and heard. (Twitter)