• No weekly reward limits from main encounters in Raids also apply to exotics from the raids. (Reddit)
    • Tom - Design Lead - clarifies: Acrius catalyst is not currently farmable. They are discussion options. (Twitter)
    • Armor, Exotics, and Weapons from Encounter Chests are farm-able. Catalysts and Secret Chests are not currently. Though completing the 5 featured raids awards Moments of Triumph progress too, which is more rewarding than ever this year. (Twitter)
  • Feedback on separating Ghost shells from their perks has been forwarded along. (Reddit)
  • As soon as they can share more info on Transmog, they will. (Reddit)
  • On sizing on the Raid Ring: Cozmo spoke with the store and they weren't able to offer the ring any smaller without warping the shape. Doesn't look like they will be able to make smaller sizes than 7. (Twitter)
  • They're looking into Armaments and how they affect raid races. (Twitter)
  • Sustained, Precision, and Swift Charge mods being bugged is being looked into. (Forums)