• No promises to make the Power Rising emote loopable, but feedback has been shared with the team. (Reddit)
  • They concentrated on improving the armor and ornament experience for current and future Solstice of Heroes events, but they have no plans to return to make changes to the old Solstice armor at this time. (Reddit)
  • Solstice weekly bounties not rewarding bright dust is a bug. (Reddit)
  • Cozmo can give feedback to the team asking if they could consider pulling Crota's End out of the DCV sometime in the future as a Dungeon experience. (Reddit)
  • They saw a lot of feedback last year that the Sparrow offered for upgrading the armor sets on all three characters didn't feel worth the effort. They elected to not include it in this year and added the earnable glows instead. (Reddit)
  • 2x progress on alternative character armor set progress after finishing one armor set is not a bug, and they won't be changing it. (Reddit)
    • The multiplier not working if you started on your Titan first is a bug, and being looked into. (Reddit)
    • Unnamed Bungie Developer: "Obtaining the final legendary armor set (magnificent) on a class will add +1x to the other classes on an account finishing the rare (renewed) and legendary tier 1 (majestic) armor objectives. So 2x once one class has obtained the final armor set and 3x once two classes have obtained the final armor set." (Twitter)
  • You need to upgrade from Majestic set to the Magnificent set and then complete the final challenges to enable the white glows. The elemental glows are on a set of Universal Ornaments that can be purchased once you unlock the Majestic set and don't require the white glow. (Twitter)
  • Suggestion to award Ascendant Shards for Valor resets has been passed along. (Forums)
  • Will give feedback to the team that some players would like to see skill factored into more PVP playlists.


  • Some community concerns about Iron Banner (Rewards, mercy games, solo experience, power levels) have been passed along. Feel free to comment more in source.
  • On Currencies:

Some currencies and items will end up rotating out of your inventory (Ex: Destinations that are going into the DCV won't need the slots in your inventory), so hopefully that cleans a few things up.

Team is definitely aware of this feedback. Don't have details to share on UI changes to currencies, but we'll definitely have a TWAB before launch going through stuff like that.

Also, I know there will be questions on "are currencies from DCV destinations going to be removed, or can I exchange them at a vendor in Beyond Light?" - Don't have info just yet on that. We'll let you know ASAP! (Reddit)

  • Point of The Stag's power limit will be fixed in Beyond Light. (Reddit)