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  • Google Document about everything we know about Stasis so far can be found here. Credit to BlueCrew86 on Twitter.


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  • Will give feedback to the team that people would also like to see mods for the Generalist Shell. (Reddit) 2
  • The cost for customizing Ghosts is pretty light, and uses Glimmer, Legendary Shards, and Enhancement Cores. No need to spend your golf balls on ghosts. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to bring back the Spektar Armor has been forwarded. (Reddit)
  • Full list of Strikes that will be available free to all players on Nov 10: The Arms Dealer, Lake of Shadows, Inverted Spire, Exodus Crash, Insight Terminus, Warden of Nothing, The Hallowed Lair, Broodhold, The Corrupted, The Scarlet Keep, Will of Crota, [Redacted]. Destiny’s Devil’s Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R. will also be coming out of the Vault in Year 4. (Reddit)
  • Ghosts won't have light levels. (Twitter)
  • Seasons are not included with Gamepass but you get Forsaken and Shadowkeep. (Twitter)


  • On This Week At Bungie's

In all honesty, best way to approach TWABs is to not have expectations.

Sometimes we have things to talk about. Other times, it's a callback to information that rolled out earlier in the week. Will absolutely admit that there have been many weeks in the past where it's a simple community update to say "the team's working, check back another week for news."

With the change in release date, we have a few extra weeks for the team to be heads down while they jam on Beyond Light. In time, more information will be released as we get details from the team and can talk through goals/aspirations/previews of changes. We don't have an ETA on that, but we do know that between now and November, we'll have some TWABs with info to get you ready for 11/10. (Reddit)

  • Bug affecting XP gain for Clans came about from the season extension. The fix would end up making the issue worse for more players. It will return November 10. (Twitter)
  • Regarding Truth To Power lore: At this time, no changes are being planned for this ritual, nor acquisition of these lore pieces. As such, this may put Chronicler out of arms reach for some players. As we enter a world with content cycling in and out of the DCV, they'll look to be much more proactive in messaging what things will become unavailable. (Twitter)

Pete Parsons, CEO.

  • Microsoft isn't buying Bungie. (Twitter)