• On True Prophecy: True Prophecy was removed due to adding the Seventh Seraph hand cannon and wanting to make sure the world pool has a balanced distribution. Those two along with Dire Promise would mean players would be getting more kinetic hand cannons over other drops in the world pool, and our goal is to ensure players have wide variety of archetypes in the world pool. (Reddit)
  • They do have two new 120 Hand Cannons coming next season for anyone who is enjoying that sub archetype. (Reddit)
  • Banshee's inventory is random, thus susceptible to bad RNG streaks. Banshee requiring sunset materials to buy upgrade modules will fix itself in S13 when they are no longer sold, but team is looking to see if they can get a change in the short term that lowers the weighting of old materials so they don’t show up as often. (Reddit)
  • They don't make decisions solely on a few voices, but welcome feedback from everyone. A list of feedback points about the raid has been forwarded. See source. (Reddit)
  • Team knows about the feedback surrounding rift animations conflicting with getting frozen and thawed. (Twitter)
  • Feedback is being gathered regarding crossplay. "The goal is this is to allow you to be able to play with your friends so we definitely don't want to cut off PC-Console cross-play altogether. I'll let the team know that players would like some options available to control how cross-play works in competitive modes like Crucible and Gambit." (Forums)

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  • Team has been looking into the motes in Gambit being hard to collect. They have some slight improvements for next season. (Reddit)

Want to set expectations correctly - there will still be times where a team mate ends up snagging a mote instead of you - but the team is definitely working on this to make it feel a bit better. It gets tricky with networking, latency, how the game gives priority to another player instead of you. That said, we definitely know it can be frustrating to stand in a pool of 12 motes and only get 3, or to have to double back after running over them. We hope the improvements will make this feel better in the heat of the moment.

  • MIDA catalyst drop rates are being looked into. (Reddit)
  • Cold Front rolling with Dragonfly isn't intentional. Being investigated. (Twitter)

Joe Blackburn.

  • The ultimate goal here is to make it feel like Vault of Glass felt when the first time you did it.
  • The raid team responsible for the Vault of Glass remake went back into the original version on PlayStation 4 just to see how it felt. It were determined that the new youngin' Guardians would smoke the raid with D2 weapons and armor mods.
  • Definitely are going to make changes to make it feel challenging, like it felt before, but they don't want to make it feel like it's a different raid.
  • There were some sandbox tweets, but the encounters remained the same. Teams might have to change up, but the goal isn't to make someone feel like it's not the boss fight they remembered.
  • Says that people would expect favorite weapons to return. Obviously there will be some D2 updating to go into those perk pools of the weapons, but they are not out to create weapons that feel radically different from their original counterparts.