Feedback Forwarded:

  • That players would like to see more "If Solo" content, such as Europa lost sectors and alike. (Reddit)
  • Add Gilding to raid titles with Flawless requirements. (Reddit)
  • Sunsetting. They are taking some time to validate plans and will share out a State of Destiny 2021 next season. (Reddit)
  • That players would like to see more armor sets outside aspirational activities. (Reddit)
  • To update vendor dialogue. (Reddit)
  • Various points of feedback found here.


Feedback Forwarded:

  • That some players would like to see rewards (such as tokens) drop in Trials even if you lose. (Reddit)
  • Feedback surrounding Trials experience as a whole, see more here. and here.
  • That some players feel that SMGs need a rebalancing. (Reddit)


  • Trials revive sound queue not playing is a bug. (Reddit)
  • Team is hammering down on Out of Bounds in PVP maps to be fixed in future patches. (Twitter)
  • No info at this time regarding the bugged Triumph for collecting all feathers, but team is investigating. (Twitter)
  • No details at this time if there will be an opt in/out for crossplay. They'll be sure to talk through functionality once closer to release. (Twitter)

Joe. Blackburn.

  • On stability changes, per last This Week At Bungie: "We definitely want to make sure stability like all of our stats are important across all platforms. We're hoping that this change will help make sure stability and related perks feel valuable on Mnk, and we will be looking at data on usage to insure we didn't go too far." (Twitter)