• Eyes of Tomorrow nerf wasn't intentional. (Reddit) Adaptive Ordinance only triggering off of kills is intentional as referenced in it's description. (Twitter)
  • Aware that players are sad that Umbral Decoder doesn't talk trash anymore. (Reddit)
  • Will make sure that Nectar Dynamo and Rustberry will be made available in a future season. (Reddit) 2
  • Missing mods are being looked into, including Hand Cannon targeting. (Twitter) (Forums)
  • Dunemarchers are being investigated. (Twitter) 2


  • Will see if they've got a bug filed on Helm of Inmost Light. (Reddit)
  • Feedback that people want to see a firing range return has been passed along to the team. (Reddit)
  • Devil's Lair will have a direct launch node from the Cosmodrome map next week, and will be available through the Vanguard Strikes playlist. Until then, it is available as a Nightfall. Fallen S.A.B.E.R. is currently unavailable due to a bug. (Twitter)
  • Weekly Featured Raid was an errant patch note, which will be removed. Weekly Featured Raids were not intended to be released with Season 13, but this is something the team is targeting for a future season. (Twitter)
  • Banshee requiring Trials tokens is being investigated. (Twitter)