• No promises to have Nightfall scoreboards pushed into the game so that players don't need to rely on the TWAB each week. But, it's something they're talking about internally. (Reddit)
    • This week's Nightfall high scores can be found here.
      • Fireteam 1: score 327,168
        • iihavetoes#1442
        • SneakyBeaver#11271
        • Slayerage#1632
      • Fireteam 2: score 322,432
        • desp#21195
        • Edoo#2589
        • Aelris#21680
      • Fireteam 3: score 308,928
        • SneakyBeaver#11271
        • Slayerage#1632
        • Grim#13457


  • On the question of if there will be 3x Glory events in the future: "Glory is moving to be more of a measurement of skill. Having players earn Glory from a weekend event muddies the water of who earned it by skill vs event. We are going to maintain the integrity of Glory moving forward so players can use it to talk about "how skilled they are". " (Twitter)
  • People are getting matched based on hard number and not level. 1200s would match with people at or close to 1200. They're still going to try to balance similar rank with match times to make sure everyone can find games as well as have them be close in rank. (Twitter)


  • The weapon curation is based on the weapon slot. If it says Auto Rifle / SMG / Sniper, the Auto Rifle will have to be kinetic. (Twitter)
  • By week 3 players will have seen all the modifiers to the Lairs plus a lot of different loadouts, and should have a pretty good sample size for feedback. (Twitter)


  • Regarding what will happen with Fighting Lion in the Fall, when Grenade Launchers will be able to go in 1st or 2nd slots: " You get more white ammo more consistently. Meaning it’ll still have the highest uptime of all the GLs." (Twitter)


  • All rarities and even Eververse Ghosts, ships and sparrows from S1, 2 and 3 will be tracked if you dismantle them now. White and Green gear isn't officially "tracked", but will unlock in collections after a certain level. Everything else is safe to dismantle. (Twitter)


  • Can't talk details about the old supers/subclasses getting a design pass without forsaken, but they aim strictly to add to our options, not invalidate any of the existing ones. (Twitter)